Estate Agent Photos

House prices are going up. I think. Sales have likely recovered from the 2008 slump and are (possibly, at least) breaking records. Estate agents are probably doing ok – more than ok – financially. [did you research this post at all? – Ed.]
And, in other news, technology is getting better, cheaper, easier to use and more accessible.
For estate agents and house buyers alike.

At least, oooh, at least a percentage of people looking to buy a house now look online. And with reading skills at an all time low and a picture infamously worth a thousand words, you’d be daft as an estate agency not to be exploiting the power of digital photography and modern web design to sell more property.

If only… if only they could do it better.

tumblr_nxma6czvoO1rrqskho1_1280Beautiful garden (may need some slight attention).

tumblr_nuqgpvtO6o1rrqskho1_1280Some rooms are more difficult to get a clean picture of than others.


But it’s not always the estate agents fault. I mean… what exactly is going on here?


I have it on very good authority that at least one of our local estate agencies are clamping down on dodgy photos making it as far as the pages of their esteemed website. And that sort of approach will worry the guys from Terrible Real Estate Photos dot com, whose business model is based almost entirely around sharing such imagery.

Get there while you can.

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