If you sell a range of 4 different sorts of pens, you will be able to demonstrate their capabilities fairly easily. Pop them in your pocket and you can take them most anywhere to show off just how good they are at… at… well, at writing stuff.

It’s more difficult when you’re selling passenger aircraft, including the Big Bird itself, the A380. But you still need to show potential buyers what they are buying. So Airbus slipped their metaphorical pens in their metaphorical pockets and gave us this:

The modern Airbus family includes the A320neo, A330-200, A350-900 and A380 aircraft, all of which the pilots flung around the skies above Toulouse.

And the airborne shots are impressive, but I actually really enjoyed watching them on the runway. The A320neo isn’t actually small, but you wouldn’t believe that when you see it with its big brothers.

5½ minutes of impressive flying and plenty of informative commentary.  iLike.

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