Embrace coming back

One of my favourite bands from the 1990s are making a bit of a comeback. they have a new single out in a couple of weeks and a new album (their first in 7 (seven) years) out in April. This is good news and the new stuff sounds quite good too. This is even better news.

Here’s the touching, curious video for Refugees, set in Huddersfield by the look of it.
Never mind.

You may remember Embrace from such hits as Come Back To What You Know, All You Good Good People and the hauntingly beautiful Fireworks.

I enjoyed the whole 80s revival thing, and I have high hopes ready to be crushed that this is the beginning of a 90s revival, which I would surely enjoy even more.

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  1. Nohemi Davila > Yes, isn’t it? Been going through their back catalogue on the strength of this. Chances of a tour to South Africa probably rather limited though, I think. 🙁

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