Eat. Pray. Love. Best. Review. Ever?

I don’t do films but I did (belatedly) catch sight of an abridged version of Peter Bradshaw’s review of Eat Pray Love today and it made me smile.

Sit, watch, groan. Yawn, fidget, stretch. Eat Snickers, pray for end of dire film about Julia Roberts’s emotional growth, love the fact it can’t last for ever. Wince, daydream, frown. Whimper, moan, grimace. Wriggle, writhe, squirm. Seethe, growl, rage.

This is merely a cleverly written variant of the same feelings that I have heard from Mrs 6k, friends and colleagues who have had the misfortune of wasting several hours of their lives with Ms Roberts.

Does anyone know anyone who actually liked this film?

12 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Love. Best. Review. Ever?

  1. Not me! I haven’t bothered watching despite really looking forward to its release. Due to work, I was involved in promoting the movie to a degree, but I luckily escaped having to sit down for two hours so my eyeballs could bleed through it.

    It sounds like an equivalent of the movie Julie & Julia, horrid.

  2. Funnily enough I do actually. Just like I know people who like the Social Network and Titanic.

    I can only assume it’s because they loved the book and love the idea of running away from their problems in life and into a fairy tale. I never bothered to actually ask though because, well, who would?

  3. No. It was crap. I left the cinema feeling angry and resentful that I had wasted time and money on it.

  4. SheBee > Eyeball bleeding is usually a bad thing.

    T > Colleague loved book, hated film.
    Each to their own, I suppose, although majority opinion seems to be leaning away from EPL.

    Barbara Valentine > I often do that with football matches. Still go back though. *sigh*

  5. Mrs Stan enjoyed it, and she is currently reading the book. She knows me well enough not to take me to such movies so she went with a friend.

  6. The movie made no sense. I had no idea what personal growth Julia Roberts made. I am sure it is better explained in the book, but the scripting in the movie is only really for people who have read the book. So for me it made no sense and has ensured I will never read the book lest I lose even more of my life due to Eat. Pray. Love.

  7. Stan > Did you get to watch the footy?

    Tania > Not now I’m African, no. 😉

    Simon > I’m sorry, but that was such a gay comment. Quietly rofling here.

    Cazpi > Good. Choice. Caz.

  8. My soon-to-be-ex husband insisted we go see this drivel. I suspect it was an attempt on his part to “try understand women who want ‘out’ “.

    All it did for me was open up the wound some more, although he seems to think it was good. Clearly, he has the critical nous of a turtle.


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