I’m feeling less than 100% today. It’s (probably) not Ebola, but it’s not very pleasant either. Thus, quota music. And Glory Box from Portishead. The album Dummy came out 20 years ago. 20. Twenty.

I know. How old do you feel right now?

There’s a special heavyweight vinyl re-issue being made for the 20th anniversary, with no extras, no remixes, nothing. Just as was. Wow.  Oh, and here’s a great look at Dummy and all that was going on around it from Chris Molanphy.

Why not dig it out and have a play this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Dummy

  1. Well I spent about 5 mins scratching through my old cds for it.
    Though bugger this, fired up Spotify and reminisced.
    Would have been even better with a bifter…

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