Dublin big thing

It’s called the Spire of Dublin and I’m surprised that there isn’t more publicity around it – it’s an elegant, yet dominating structure.
Costing €4,000,000 and erected 20 years ago, it stands 120m tall right over the city centre.

It’s quite something:

That’s a photo from a local hotel website. I couldn’t really find a decent angle to get a similar shot when we were there (and I didn’t want a pic with 74,000 Spanish schoolkids in it anyway), so I went really close up and did this instead:

This is from the 10m diameter base, looking… well… up.

I have a couple of others which are respectively less and more abstract than this one, but I think this happy medium is probably the best of the three.

The structure being made of silver steel and the sky being steel grey make for nicely camouflaged boundaries.

Dublin big thing. Coming soon on the blog: London big things.