DSTV E45 error – Monday 25th February

If you are reading this, then you, like me, are probably struggling with an E45 “Service Not Authorised” error on your DSTV.

A little bit of searching – I used “Google” – gave me this from Fathima at MultiChoice:

Please don’t try any trouble shooting from your side.
Services will resume shortly.

So – please don’t try any troubleshooting from your side. Services will resume shortly.

Have a special day. (I added that bit myself.)

UPDATE: Incidentally, I had a quick look at twitter as well and while people were getting irate about the problem, they weren’t actually doing anything other than… er… getting irate about the problem. Read around a bit (which, I appreciate, you are doing now) and you can lower your blood pressure.
Many were also annoyed at the lack of response from the @dstv account, but with over 150 tweets per minute going through, I’m not sure  how people could reasonably expect a personal response.

UPDATE 2: Aaaaaand… it’s back. For me at least.

UPDATE 3: Aaaaaand… it’s gone again. Oh dear.

UPDATE 4: Aaaaaand it’s back again.

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