Yes, “Dronelapse”. Really.

Here’s PetaPixel to explain this difficult-to-grasp concept:

Now that the Internet is saturated with timelapse and drone videos, one of the next big frontiers may be combining the two. Timelapse photographer Artem Pryadko shows what’s possible in the gorgeous 2-minute “DroneLapse” above.

I know, I can also like to be confused.
Fortunately, Artem himself is here to assist:

It’s a new direction in shooting time lapses — time lapse using a drone.

Nope. Sorry. I’m still lost.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/203419162]

Anyway, it is quite nice to look at. Even if I can’t work out how it was filmed.
How did he get so high up? Long arms?

I guess that we may never know.

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