Yesterday was a great family day, with a rip to feed the ducks at the Arderne Gardens in Claremont, followed by an afternoon of drinking, swimming and braai’ing, none of which allowed any time to blog or play with any photos or watch any footy.
Today will also be a great family day and after an early start – because the kids woke us up early – we headed out to Hout Bay Market, which is very similar to the Christmas markets of Baveria and Austria, except that it’s 36°C at this one. This afternoon, some grandparental babysitting will be partaken of as Mrs 6000 and I nip over to Val de Vie to watch The Killers reverse supporting Zebra and Giraffe.

After the photos of the mayhem on Long Street and the views of the city, I thought that something a little smaller would be appropriate for a quota photo.

This little fellow stayed still just long enough for me to catch him (digitally) yesterday. Despite his diminutive stature, he’ll quite adequately bridge the gap between Saturday and Monday, when (I would imagine) a review of today’s concert will be available here.

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