Dr Priki will see you now

As handed to me at the traffic lights at the top of the road:


Lots to take in there. Or maybe there’s not and that’s why you need to go and see her.
Anyway, as you can see, there’s none of that long term expensive medicine needed here. Just take your penis and R50.00 to give to her and she’ll work on your penis and you’ll leave with a surprise.

I do, however, have some concerns. Chiefly around her “New Steaming Method”.
Now, I’d never tried her old steaming method, and that was because there are few things I think I’d enjoy less than having my penis steamed. I’ve seen what that stuff can do to dumplings. And envelopes. No way is she going to steam my bits.

On the flip side of the leaflet, Dr P also claims to be able to be an ‘expert in giving luck to the poor and rich’, ‘helping bewitched people and taking away tokoloshe‘ and ‘making your lover to be yours only’. I have to say that I’m unconvinced that any lover would stick around if, whilst in the throes of passion, you suddenly revealed a steamed penis though. I’d be out of there like a shot.

Also, she is an “expert at healing TB”, which makes me wonder why she hasn’t just done it already.

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  1. Jacques Rousseau > Yes. That’s the technical term for it. Less qualified individuals often refer to it as ‘fast squirting’. Dr P obviously knows her stuff.

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