Off to have some more tests done today as the local medical profession charges me exorbitant rates to find out why I’m feeling so crappy (although I think we may be getting somewhere now). So I’ll leave you with this collection of photos from Inside North Korea:

Earlier this year, David Guttenfelder, chief Asia photographer for the Associated Press, along with Jean H. Lee, AP bureau chief in Seoul, were granted unprecedented access to parts of North Korea as part of the AP’s efforts to expand coverage of the isolated communist nation.  Though much of what the AP journalists saw was certainly orchestrated, their access was still remarkable.

And there are some great photos via that link above:

Kim Jong-il knew a bargain when he saw one and was delighted with the price of the light blue paint

It doesn’t look like a particularly happy place, but it does look like a particularly interesting place: not unlike East Germany, which I visited before it wasn’t East Germany anymore.
And you can go there on your own organised tour as well. They want more visitors; they just mustn’t be from the South.

If I had a bucket list, DPRK would be on it. But with a battery of invasive medical tests ahead of me, I think I’ll settle for just getting this blog post out for the time being. Aim low, keep happy.

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