Don’t sit down…

Feels like someone should have suggested that for me this week. Busy.

But no, this is the new one from the Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys: Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair.

I’m getting heavy Beatles, I’m getting dark Oasis and there’s a soupçon of The Smiths and a hint of The Pixies in there too.
What an utterly splendid blend.

P.S. We don’t recommend doing the things that Alex Turner is suggesting: Wearing a shellsuit on bonfire night is downright dangerous and heavily unfashionable and you should certainly check that your medical aid is in order before kung-fu fighting on roller skates.

3 thoughts on “Don’t sit down…

  1. Hmmm. I’m picking up a more bluesy garage rock vibe… Stone Roses, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a whiff of Black Keys.

    Whatever, though.

    Good stuff.

  2. stickman > I’m not so sure on the Stone Roses, but lots of BRMC just waiting to WHOOSH up the nostrils, yes.

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