Don’t get in touch

Too many people getting in touch with you from your blog?
Too many frivolousness communications* [sic]?

Well, Mark W Beech has stumbled upon the answer in his brilliantly entitled post, Teach me a lesson:
Make people buy you stuff if they want to get in touch!

I have set up the “contact me” page on this site to include an Amazon wish list full of Very Short Introduction books on all manner of subjects, and encourage people wanting to contact me to buy me one of those books and send me their message as a gift note.

And yes, true to his word, there follows a list of 182 books, each costing about £5.

Yep – that should certainly cut down on the number of “frivolousness communications” he receives.
But that’s not the best bit.

I have – admittedly briefly – scanned his blog back to January 2006 and done some rudimentary calculations and it would appear that his site has garnered a whole 3 (three) comments in that 2 year period.

And two of them were from him.  

I think that if I were to teach Mark a lesson, it would most likely be to not start building that bookshelf just yet.

Please take the time to give him a comment (that bit is still free) and tell him you saw him here.

* 6000 miles welcomes “frivolousness communications”

10 thoughts on “Don’t get in touch

  1. Hey 6k,

    Been a long time since I read your stuff.
    Better than ever. This one is particularly great!

    Keep it up!

  2. Hi. Love theis site.

    Laughed a lot at this and the drunk conman story..

    You have a cute kid and you’re pretty hawt too!


  3. Thank you for noticing me; I may lack comments now but I blame that on the fact that I’v moved my blog a lot and only about 3 people read it anyway.

    I was not always without comments tho, back in 2005 I believe Ballacorkish described me as “political deluded and biased beyond belief” just for suggesting that the Met police should not be shooting innocent people. Sadly the wayback machine could not furnish me with too much information about that so I was unable to restore the comments.

  4. Stan – Thanks. Welcome back!

    JaneT – *blush*

    Mark – Where to begin? I can’t believe you’d remember Ballacorkish’s comment so accurately. (He’s da bomb, hey?) Those words must really have hit home for you to still be able to quote it 2.5 years later. I think he probably had it right though.
    P.S. By “innocent”, you mean “innocent of terorism, but was actually in the country illegally and failed to stop when asked to do so by brave armed officers”, right?

    Koosh – You don’t need to know that.

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