Don’t be jealous

After another perfect day at the Southern Tip – inexplicably marked by us buying a new mattress – I am suitably knackered and have turned upon a Devonvale 2006 Cab Sauv/Shiraz blend for some sort of late evening support.

We spent some of the day (the bit not buying the mattress) on Struisbaai beach with surprisingly few others.


Here is Alex with his own Indian Ocean, although in this particular picture, it does seem to be chasing him somewhat. Would that be some sort of mutiny? Whatever. I digress. Often.

But the fact is that given that I’m still on this whole Easter break thing, there’s really not much to report – especially if I don’t want to lose even more readers through jealousy. Already, I sense deep envy over the whole new mattress thing. Now, if I was to tell you that after a day buying new mattresses (one) and enjoying time on that beach, we ate lazily braaied steaks and drank red wine while watching the Cape Weavers* and almost listening to the new Depeche Mode album**, you’d just switch straight off, amirite?

To bring things back to reality, I did get a lot of sand in my boot on the beach and I am going to be back at work on Monday morning. But generally, life is good and if me telling you that annoys you, please feel free to ask for a full refund.

* It's a bird (Ploceus capensis) not a folk band or anything.
** Described by Mrs 6000 as "too dark and not relaxing enough for the cottage"***
*** She did also say that one of the tracks "sounded really Depeche Mode". Yep. ****
**** Can you have a footnote of a footnote? Is it allowed?

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