Do nowt, get fit

Back to a bit of a run today, after a minor disaster a couple of weeks ago involving a slippy shoe which left me with an ugly bruised foot and a swollen knee.

And things went quite well, thanks for asking.

In fact, upon reviewing the stats on my watch/phone, it seems that I have progressed a level in my fitness, not be getting fitter per se, but by getting older. Yep, as you add a year to your age, the thresholds and targets that you are measured against become lower. So simply because you are actually only a few days older than you used to be before (and despite what the number of years might suggest), your level of fitness – at least as measured by stats and apps – improves.

Of course, the tough thing to do now is to improve it even more, given that the thresholds and targets drop for a good reason. It’s definitely harder to get fit and keep fit as you get older.
Harder still when you’re quite lazy and you like stuff like beer and burgers.

But I’ll keep going for the moment. Maybe just slightly slower than I used to.