Dizzy new heights

There was altogether too much undissipated energy coursing through the veins of the younger members of the 6000 family this morning, and so a dissipation intervention was required.

City Rock was it. Indoor rock climbing with literally thousands of those weird plastic artificial hand and foot holds plastered across overhanging plywood walls and fibreglass cliff faces.

At R125 per child, it’s not cheap, and even then you’re limited as to what they are able to do. There are four automatic belay lines which they can use and then there are a few walls where they can free climb. But if you want to use the rest of the facilities, you need to hire an instructor to help you along, and that’s an additional R150 per hour.

For two kids for an hour, that’s R400 (about €0.57 at today’s exchange rate *weeps*). Plenty wonga, especially as Scoop wouldn’t climb higher than about 3 metres even when attached to several tonnes of warehouse.
So we didn’t do that today.

That said, the kids did enjoy themselves a lot. Alex especially wanted to climb all of the things, and ended up frustrated by the roof, so maybe we’ll look to share an instructor one day in the future.
In the meantime, plenty of excess energy was dissipated and the rest of the afternoon and evening passed off without any problems.

Intervention successful.

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