“Dilute to taste”

We all know what great work homeopaths do, and now they are doing some more great work in Gambia, under the welcoming gaze of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. He’s the guy that discovered the cure for HIV in 2007, which is why we don’t have any HIV anymore.

Fortunately for the impoverished village of Manduar in western Gambia, British homeopathic the Gambia Wellness Foundation are on the scene, using the power of dilution to cure all their ills.

The Telegraph asked Professor David Colquhoun of University College London to comment on some of the GWF’s many successes:

The homeopaths: “We once arrived at a village where a child had accidentally swallowed some bleach or some similar detergent. We immediately prescribed Sulphur 30C (a homoeopathic remedy used for skin conditions) to give to the child frequently. On our next visit, the parents came to see us to specifically thank us for saving their child’s life.”

Prof Colquhoun: “Sulphur 30C contains no sulphur, and even if it did it would not be the slightest help for bleach poisoning (if that’s what it was). The child recovered with no help from the pills.”

But it’s during the next rebuttal that the Prof comes out with this gem of a quote on the extreme dilutions used by the pseudoscientists:

A 200C pill is a dilution of one part in 10 to the power of 400. That’s a molecule in a sphere bigger than the known universe.

Still, as he points out:

Water is good if they are dehydrated.

Western people with their own money and other options who insist on going to homeopaths? Well, they’re idiots, aren’t they? Moonbats. Muppets. Hippie tosspots.

But when you live in a tiny, 3rd world African country, under a despotic, homophobic president who sanctions witch hunts and kidnaps journalists; one who can conveniently avoid paying for real medicine by inviting and thus tacitly legitimising quacks from overseas to “treat” you; when you have homeopathy forced upon you and your children as a substitute for real medicine that might actually do you some good?

When you’re a bunch of educated British adults being charlatans, masquerading as doctors and squeezing out real medics from doing a proper job of helping those in need?

Well jeez. That makes me rather annoyed.

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