Dey see me weavin’…

We’ve seen Cape Weavers on this blog before. Here, to be exact. That one was at Houw Hoek Inn, where we had stopped off for some brunch. This one is rebuilding for Summer 2015/16 down in Suiderstrand:


This guy was a whole lot less photogenic, but he was a whole lot busier, having just started on his new-build, which will take him about a week to complete. And when you’re a male Cape Weaver, quality is everything. How else are you to attract one of your UP TO SEVEN mates, if you don’t show off your beautifully constructed nest?

“Back to mine then? For a… coffee?
Yeah. Built this all myself, love.
And if you like the kidney-shaped, fully waterproof structure made of woven broad strips of grass, you’re going to love the mood lighting I’ve put in.”
*Barry White starts to play*

I’d imagine that things happen pretty much like that, anyway.

This one is just up the road from us (in fact, many of those woven broad strips of grass came from my back garden), so I’ll let you know how he gets on this season.

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