Another tired Sunday evening (albeit a fake one), another morning on the beach, another fish and chip lunch and another long journey back to Cape Town.

It all adds up to another quota photo.


This was the dew on the Restios in the back garden this morning. I crouched in wet sand amongst wet plants to get this picture.

I’m really not sure why I do this kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Dew

  1. I think I can see Jesus in the droplet….oh no, it’s just you in the wet sand with the camera (now there’s an idea for a detective-based game)

  2. Ant > I don’t look a thing like Jesus. But I talk like a gentleman. Like you imagined. When you were young.
    If you imagined a gentleman crouching in some wet sand amongst some damp vegetation. When you were young. That is.

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