Day off

With Mrs 6000 away on conference in warmer climes, visitors from overseas in the lab and a 4 hour long tantrum of utterly spectacular proportions from the smallest child, it seemed entirely reasonable to take a brief time-out. With Local Government Election results coming in, it’s not like anyone would have read anything I had written anyway.

Talking of the elections, Twitter has made it far easier and more interesting to follow what has been going on. But I have noticed many cases of conflicting information and reports.
It’s worth remembering that not everyone out there is necessarily an expert. Or entirely truthful.

Meanwhile, despite the obvious DA successes at the ANCs expense, and with it their promise of a multi-racial party future, it’s still sad to note that one can work out which areas are inhabited by mainly which races by noting the winning party and the ridiculous (often high 80s or higher) percentage of the vote that they secured.

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