Day 72 – No more questions, your honour

Right. Finally getting around to sitting down and writing this.

It’s been a busy day. Overseas conversations, moving an office, dropping off magazines with vulnerable people, a walk in the Green Belt, two runs, piano practice, dinner.

Actually haven’t done dinner yet, because I’m writing this before I start.

Oh, and finishing off writing a round for tonight’s quiz.

We won last night’s quiz, and it was a lot of fun… but…

I think I’m all quizzed out. I know. Bizarre to hear that coming from me: “Mr Quiz” as I am known to at least one person. (To be fair, that one person makes up completely ridiculous monikers for everyone, based mainly on the place he first meets them, so this was more about our initial encounter being in a pub where a guy was asking questions, rather than any particular penchant or specialisation people might think I have.) (“Mr. Kitchen” and “Ms. Bus Stop” will surely back me up on this.)

But I do like quizzes. Weirdly, I have been enjoying setting questions more than I have enjoyed answering them lately. And it feels like I’ve been doing nothing but quizzes for a while now and I need a break. So once this weekend is over, I’m taking one, as far as quizzes go.
At least, there will be nothing organised: I might dip in and out of Quiz Up or pop in a Dale Collins or two on Quizando in a spare 5 minutes, but that’ll be it.

Got to keep the brain ticking over.

So, full effort on getting a clean sweep this weekend and then sit back, relax and switch off the question and answer game.