Day 710 – Support plan backfires

It was a fairly simple plan, and I thought that it had worked.

It took some doing, but I managed to convince Mrs 6000 that Castle Milk Stout was a partly Ukrainian product, and therefore, by drinking it, I was doing my bit to aid that country in its current plight. This got me out of having to answer those difficult questions about why the margarine and salad and the mayo were out on the counter in the kitchen, because the fridge was full of Castle Milk Stout. It also enabled me to drink plenty of the good stuff in order to make room for the less good stuff back in the refrigerator.


I hadn’t reckoned on the goodwill of my wife though, and the lengths that she would go to in order to assist those in need. I should have known.

Because even though she doesn’t like Castle Milk Stout – at all – I found her drinking some of my stash this afternoon. “Just to do her bit.”

I had to come clean. Because there’s no point in my having plenty of my favourite delicious, creamy 6% dark beer in the house if other people are going to drink it. No matter how good their intentions.

Now I’m in a lot of trouble. Again.