Day 672 – The Boys Are Back In Town

(with apologies to Thin Lizzy)

I’ve been doing a lot of jobs around the house today. Nothing huge, just trying to get a few maintenance things done and tick them off the ever-present list. But tonight, we’re back, and by “we” I mean the Molton Brown Curry Club. The MBCC has been going for at least… ooh… several years now. An opportunity for a few good-looking, middleish-aged guys to get together once a month over a meal (not necessarily a curry, but hey, why not?) and shoot the southeaster over recent developments in the sporting, political, pandemical and any other world. A brief escape from the travails of real life.

I’m looking forward to this evening. My only worry is any potential discussion of Wordle, which I have managed to block out of my life on most social media – and actual social – platforms with some reasonable success. It’s bad enough having the derring-do of recent cycling exploits forced upon us without any additional lexicographical nonsense.

Still, the curry will be good.