Day 590 – Rough end

It’s been a bit of a rough end to the week. The treatment plan, designed to dampen down my immune system and prevent nasty flare-ups (while also replacing important things that I might not be getting enough of, treating its own possible side-effects and also mitigating any nasty flare-ups that it can’t prevent) was overwhelmed and everything came back.

No taste, hypersalivation, huge fatigue, aches, pains, shortness of breath, palpitations and a complete loss of brain function. Durr.


12½ hours of sleep later and some drugs – this is just this morning’s selection of ons and ins – and I’m vaguely back with the programme. (Beagle-eyed viewers will note that some of these tablets are the same as others. But not all of them. That’s what keeps things interesting.)

But I really do think I need to start to be ahead of the programme again at 8 each morning if I’m going to get through a whole day unscathed.

And this morning, I’m installing an oven.

What could possibly go wrong?