Day 578 – A New Hope

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity of a free consultation with an eminent consultant pulmonologist, and despite having said that that was that as far as medical intervention goes, I decided that I couldn’t turn it down.

Long story short, he was deeply unimpressed by my previous doc’s assertion that I must just give it six months. I am now on a combination of drugs so cocktailly that Tom Cruise has popped by twice, just to give them a quick shake for me.

Sadly though, the key drug in this novel treatment plan is so damn popular at the moment (no, it’s not that one), that there’s none of it in Cape Town: massive shortages are probably caused by Brexit. So, I have no idea whether this new approach and new regimen is actually working, because the main protagonist is absent.

That said, I am fairly sure that one of the other star performers of my veritable smorgasbord of medication – a Schedule 6 puppy, nogal – is having a positive effect, and the dampening down of certain symptoms is very, very welcome. I’m not sure I would be up and around today after yesterday’s excitement, without it.

Right now, I’m about to get on with my daily exercises: blowing a ball bearing up a tube and walking a beagle around the block. Please, please let me get those two the right way around this evening.
Last night was not great.