Day 556 – A day by the pool

Not outside, because it’s 14 degrees with occasion rain showers. Eww.

There’s no fun in that.

So a morning spent spring cleaning, and then once that was over, some of this:

I started out with the simple niftus fiftus:

An affordable, high quality lens that’s perfect for creative portraits and low-light photos. Blur backgrounds to make your subject stand out, and enjoy smooth near-silent STM focusing when shooting movies.

…and the intention to produce something truly incredible, but then the light was all difficult (I need to try it at night, when things are much more controllable) and so I changed my mind and decided to hit some pool balls instead of togging them.

It looks a bit #RBOSS, but I promise that it’s really not. I just need to work out a better way of expressing the bright colours. I’m still popping this up onto Flickr as a marker of how much better I will be able to do once I decide to plan better and put a bit more effort in.