Day 435 – This was nice

I made a mistake the other evening. Right before I went to sleep, I read a bit of Reddit. Nothing hugely unusual in that, except for one of the last posts I saw there, which did me no good whatsoever.

Here’s the featured video therein:

(sorry – not sure why it’s SOOO BIIGG)

Now, I don’t scare easily, but the end of this little video weirdly took me back to a recurring nightmare I had in my childhood. This might seem a bit weird, but then dreams are weird, aren’t they? The unpleasant dream in question (and I can see it very clearly in my mind’s eye, right now), featured large, slow-moving humans and (ok, here comes the weird bit) Liverpool Cathedral.

I know that many kids have nightmare experiences with the Catholic church, but, for the purists out there, it’s the Anglican Cathedral I’m talking about. This one:

The eye-popping Liverpool Cathedral design that never happened - Liverpool  Echo

Magnificent*. And a bit scary to me as a child.

The end of the video above wasn’t enough to scare me per se, but it was enough to induce some very disturbing memories of having my Liverpool Cathedral nightmare – but not the actual nightmare itself.

There’s scope for some very deep psychoanalytic research here, but I think the alternative – just continuing with my life as if the big face at the end of the video wasn’t actually there and Liverpool Cathedral was never anything more to me than a place where people went to sing and pray on a Sunday morning – is probably easier to do and a whole lot easier to deal with.

Anyway… sweet dreams.

* annoying, distracting building on the horizon on the right. I would have done something about that
(in the photo or in post, not like with TNT or anything).