Day 429 – My music

A quick shout out for a new page added to my site in answer to a number (1) of enquiries about what sort of music I listen to. There are a few playlists that I have compiled for myself on popular music streaming service, Spotify. But while I made them so that I could listen to them at appropriate times in my life, there might be some appropriate times in your life that you think might be better if they had a decent soundtrack.

Don’t worry: the catchily named My Spotify Playlists page is here to help.

There’s a quick description of each of the playlists I have on offer, then you can click through and have a proper look and follow and/or recommend them if what you find there is agreeable.

Quick note: Playlist For A Chilled Braai is my particular favourite goto for many occasions, not just for a chilled braai.

And if you ever want to go straight to that page without having to find this post, then there’s a little Spotify logo button up there in the top right that you can use (right next to the buttons for my Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages).

I know, right? So thoughtful.