Day 411 – Tripping hazard

Lol. A little play on words there, because this post is to announce the return of StumbleUpon – which was one of the best (ok, and occasionally worst) ways to waste time on the internet. And the competition is STRONG (PointerPointer, Geoguessr, Flickr Explore, Angry Birds on Chrome, TruthFacts, QuizUp on Android etc etc.).

I know one regular reader who might be very excited by this. (If you think this is you, well, it probably is, because there aren’t many other regular readers, to be honest.)

StumbleUpon was great, but then it moved to/got taken over by in 2018. And that site is only available via an app on Apple products at the moment. But not everyone is stupid enough to use an iPhone, and so StumbleUpon – in whatever guise or name it now exists – is unavailable to the sensible parts of the internet-using spectrum.

It’s EARLY DAYS, but now something very like it is back.

It’s not quite the same – it has a new name: Stumbled, and a new address – And it’s NEW, so there are only 1801 sites listed on there so far. But with more collaboration and more posts like this, there will be more users and more sites. It’s a project by Kevin Woblick, who is “a Web Engineer and Open Source Creator from Berlin, Germany.”

Says Kevin:

Since starting with web development in 2008, I created a lot of different projects, including a bookmark manager, an invoicing software, a web archive for video game quotes and many more.

And now this.

Time will tell if it manages to get off the ground and up and running, but it’s nice to have something like StumbleUpon back on the internet – even if it isn’t quite StumbleUpon… yet.