Day 345 – Geoguessing Glada

The 6000 miles… album of 2020 was Future Islands’ As Long As You Are, and they’ve just released a video for the opening track on that album, Glada.
It starts quietly, with some degree of goose involvement:

It’s directed by Julia Ragnarsson, and I played a little bit of Geoguessr as I watched; it was the combination of evergreens and silver birch, a bit of Kite and some interesting pylon design, plus the fleeting shot of half a number plate that got me (correctly, I might add), to Sweden:

“’Glada’ is a song that was written about the exact place that I’m now quarantined, with my parents,” Julia adds. “A song about a past grown over, the coming of a budding spring, and the birds that regularly circle our house and the fields and forests surrounding. We wanted to capture the beauty of nature here, pulling from the images which Sam describes in the song. The ups and downs of a long term relationship. And how you sometimes have to stop and think about how lucky you are, especially in the midst of this seeming breakdown.

It’s a gentle song with a powerful message. And the way the melody opens up into the chorus is just beautiful. Tonight’s braai will definitely be better with a Future Islands soundtrack.