Day 280 – Rather be there

I’d love to be allowed down there. Just look at it.

But that’s just for fishermen (Page 7, Part 10a) and people to whom the regulations don’t apply.

There is a path along the back of the dunes. Previously, I would have categorically stated that it was not part of the beach, but now, I’m less sure. Arbitrary lines again.

The fact is that we have to endure a rather miserable, limited holiday this year. And yet, we’re still much more fortunate than others. We’d do very well to remember that before complaining about not being allowed to sit on the sand.

If we’re careful, and if our luck holds out, we’ll be around to enjoy a much more traditional, fun-filled summer holiday next year.

Right now, my biggest gripe is with myself for not spending more on soundproofing the cottage. We have quite literally surrounded by loud Afrikaners playing alles van die grootste sokkie treffers for the last 5 days, with a seemingly neverending supply of dodgy brandewyn and their JBL doof doof speakers.

I’m being patient. I’m being diplomatic. I have even tried to embrace it. I understand that we all need that release at the end of this nightmare year. But that does include me as well.

And there’s no escape onto the beach this time around. Argh!