Day 226 – I hear a sound of an abundance of rain

Not any sort of mad prayer thing…

Literally, an abundance of rain fell on us yesterday, with the promise of more ahead, delivered – one would imagine – by African Angels. Or by the second wave of the cold front which made landfall on Friday night.

Probably more likely to be the latter, to be honest.

Hopefully, that’ll be enough to top up the dams to 100% and beyond again, especially as Cape Town ended its drought-induced water restrictions at the beginning of the month. And while water may be plentiful at the moment, we are all painfully aware that demonic confederacies are always waiting in the wings to take it all away again.

I’m off to a braai this afternoon – outside (despite the weather) and socially-distanced. United are away at Chelsea later and while I don’t hear the sound of victory, you never say never.