Day 201 – Overflow overview

One of my favourites from our visit to Theewaterskloof on the weekend. This Southern Rock Agama overlooking the fast-flowing Theewaterskloof Dam overflow.

Go full “6k” size here.

There were a lot of Agamae… Agamas… Agamii…

Hang on…

There was one Agama – and several more – at the spot where we chose to sit for a quick coffee at the water’s edge behind the overflow. This is the Southern Rock Agama (Agama atra) and this is a male. You can tell that because of his bright blue head, which is apparently overwhelmingly attractive if you are a female Southern Rock Agama.

They are (aside from the ridiculous head thing) amazingly well camouflaged and also astoundingly nimble over the rocks.

We also saw a couple of Cape Girdled Lizards, which are easier to pluralise, but harder to photograph. Fortunately, I already have a photograph of one of those from another place and time.