Day 20 – Recovery

I hope recovery, anyway.

Yesterday was very busy. Coming off the back of a night filled with delicious insomnia. A lot of schoolwork, which needed parental input: multiplication, science, moments and fulcra. Mr P would be so proud of me. An early morning cheese delivery. A million cups of tea lovingly made and delivered to Mrs 6000 who Zoomed all day. A quick chat with my Dad in Sheffield, but more about a computing issue than passing the time of day. Some extra schoolwork for me, relaying information about upcoming classes from the school to parents, and suggestions from parents to the school. Singing and piano practice. Working out the apps required for online singing and piano lessons, which begin this week. Some significant landscaping in the garden to make running around it safer. Homemade pizza from a flour and water start.

I’m really not sure how I kept going.

Ah yes. That’ll be it.

And so, with the kids tucked safely away in bed, I headed to Youtube to catch up on photography videos and watch Alphaville do Sounds Like A Melody live.

The memories.

I fully expect to do it all again today as well.
Fortunately, there’s still plenty of red wine to go around.