When there’s only so much data to go around

Reading through a blog post by Brian Micklethwait on how an app he had just installed on his phone saved him (though I’m sure he wasn’t actually in any mortal danger at the time) when the (almost) local bus stop information board failed , I was stuck by this line:

I could not shake the feeling that my Google Nexus 4 had sucked all the information out of the sign, into itself, leaving the sign utterly confused.

Of course, that’s not how things work (as Brian well knows), and thank goodness. Dissemination of information simply wouldn’t work if there was a finite number of times that any data could be displayed or shared simultaneously.

Twitter would be instantly useless, the most popular pages on the internet (like this one) would have no impact whatsoever and we’d stop getting those “Like = 1 prayer” posts on Facebook.

So not all bad then.

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