Dat line

The best bit of an otherwise forgettable weekend was probably watching the rugby on Saturday at the crumbling Newlands Stadium.

And while even the result of that was rather distressing, it was a good spectacle at times.

Take, for example, the arrow straightness of this Stormers defensive wall – aided by the try line – both of which were crossed soon after this photo was taken.

3 thoughts on “Dat line

  1. What’s sad is I only go to Newlands about 1 game a season. Why oh why do we always have to lose that one time that I do actually find myself in the stadium!! Still, hats off to the Chiefs. Their handling down the line was fantastic!

  2. craiglotter > It was a good game. Decent atmosphere and yes, Chiefs were good. Please let me know in future when you’re heading down there and I’ll save myself the false hope of expecting a win.

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