Dark Horse Art Piece

After the footy yesterday, we retired to the Dark Horse on Kloof Street for beers and schnacks. It’s a wonderful bar, delightfully atmospheric and eclectically furnished. But whiile it has that “gently lived in” feel, it’s all clean and tidy and well kept.

So it was initially disappointing to see the damage to the back of the bathroom door.

Ugh. Violent and toxic masculinity. But this was actually done by a young lady. I hope you enjoyed your first class of Assumptions 101. Anyway…

Obviously, the ideal (but costly) way to deal with this is to replace the door. But there’s always another quirky option available if you add a bit of Dark Horse vibe:

When is a damaged door, not a damaged door?*

When it’s a piece of art:

I was actually almost tempted. It definitely represents better value than an NFT.

* when it’s a damaged jar