Dara O’Briain does Homeopathy

I popped this video on here because I was watching this performance from Dara O’Briain last night on the BBC Entertainment Comedy Festival and he had me crying with laughter.
He’s obviously annoyed by exactly the same idiots as me: homeopaths, priests, nutrionists and astrologers. But his methods of dealing with them are far better than mine.

Warning! This clip contains occasional naughty words.

And this on the back of a brief twitter discussion yesterday with the great minds of @JacquesR and @ComradeSipho (who has previous form, guv) as to whether the opinions of “ordinary” people should be recognised as legitimate substance for journalists.

Once again, Dara and I are singing from the same hymnsheet on that one.

4 thoughts on “Dara O’Briain does Homeopathy

  1. joyanne > My best bit:
    “Science doesn’t know everything”
    “Well, Science knows that it doesn’t know everything, otherwise it would stop.
    But just because Science doesn’t know everything doesn’t mean that you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairytale most appeal to you.”
    Man, I laughed.

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