Dans, Dans, [censored] Dans.

Much amusement in Newcastle (no, not that one) OVER the weekend as Afrikaans rapper JACK Parow was escorted off stage halfway through his performance, in order to protect him from a small number of the audience who labelled him “satan slang” (devil snake) and a “disgrace to the Afrikaans language” after he swore on STAGE.

Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow says he is “cool” about being led off the stage midway through a concert in Newcastle when his lyrics upset some in the audience, and that he had a “rad time” regardless.

Parow, whose real name is Zander Tyler, was taken off the stage at the Vodacom Winter Festival on Friday night when a group, upset by his lyrics – which included profanities – physically threatened him.

One man nearly jumped on stage, but was pulled back by police called in to help festival organisers with the group.

A war of words erupted on the Newcastle Newspaper’s Facebook page, with people calling Parow a “satan slang (devil snake)” and a “disgrace to the Afrikaans language”.

Now, I can take OR leave Mnr Parow and I can HAPPILY manage without swearing in my music, but seriously now, what were the audience expecting? It’s like turning UP to a Metallica gig and “hoping they don’t play anything too loud”.
I have kids and I try to shelter them from swearing (amongst other things) as much as possible. That MEANS not taking them along to Jack Parow gigs (amongst other things). No matter HOW backward Newcastle is, the allegation that this performance was instrumental in corrupting their youth is a bit OTT.

Parow, unsurprisingly, was unabashed:

Parow said he was singing his song Dans Dans Dans when the microphone was taken from him by an organiser and he was led off stage. He then noticed police trying to calm a few men beside the stage.

“Some people don’t like the swearing. I was singing ‘Dans, dans f***en dans’. This one guy was shouting at me and said: ‘Why are you f***ing swearing?’, but that was funny because he was swearing at me.”

As you will have noted above, all of this has (typically) reared its head on Facebook, WHERE a couple of comments by Anthon von Lisenborgh have captured the imagination of some individuals and INTRODUCED random CAPITALISATION to popular culture:

The biggest IRONY for me is that Jack Parow’s shortened act followed that of Afrikaner Steve Hofmeyr (and whom Anthon comprehensively fails to accuse of being an “Artist of Satan”), a man perhaps BEST known for his racist rants, being divorced by his wife after having “numerous affairs”, assaulting the female editor of a popular gossip magazine and being described by the Deputy CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations as being a disgrace to South Africa and of using his “not insignificant following to sow anger and hate among young white people”.

When it comes to role models, it would seem that the Afrikaans culture is struggling somewhat, but while Jack Parow CONTINUES to use the F-word (and he will continue to use the F-word) Anthon seems conveniently blinkered to Mr Hofmeyr’s shortcomings.

UPDATE: A bit more on Anthon – he’s written a book: Apocrypha 999 – The Mystery of Solomon and Queen Bilqis of Sheba – and in his author bio (filled with MORE random capitalisation), he includes THE line:

…do with it as you feel fit or do nothing if you want, it is up to you to decide and not me.

Obviously, the same doesn’t apply to concerts in North West Kwa-Zulu Natal.

6 thoughts on “Dans, Dans, [censored] Dans.

  1. I for one welcome our random caps using, Satan worshipping, divorced, racist overlords. Or something, I may have become confused by the devil because I ignored a street sign.

  2. If people are going to have a go about some bloke being an agent of satan, they might at least do a bit of research about the so called number of the beast. The original number of the beast is 616 as any fule kno.

  3. That is just embarrassing. Seriously, you paranoid fundamentalists, grow the [Jack Parow] up.

    [Note: Comment ironically edited for language.]

  4. Steve Hofmeyer. What he does in the privacy of his home has nothing to do with me. If he acted like this LOONEY in Newcastle in front of CHILDREN, I would also treat him the same. What Jack Parrow does in his bedroom got nothing to do with other idiots either. NOTHING! Then also the NEWSPAPER in Newcastle BANNING adverts related to the TRUTH through their Regional Manager George Meyer insisting “I do not understand it.” Yet they have a solid advertising campaign on many lamp posts “The TRUTH and the WHOLE TRUTH.” What hypocrites. When given the Absolute truth it is not understood so then to PREVENT this ANGAZI, I wrote the Book, Apocrypha 999 that there is no more such IGNORANCE as the next denial of an ADVERT will have the intro of the NATIONAL Media auditor OMBUDSMAN on them for sure. I offered R100,000 reward in the Local Media (The Advertiser of George Meyer) that if anyone could show a LIE or a thing to not be the TRUTH in what I said, this will be paid out in CASH and to date have I received an answer? Did any theologian or Mathematical Genii have the GUTS or the KNOWLEDGE or the UNDERSTANDING to refute it and to supply alternatives? NO! Why? Cause they cannot deny the ABSOLUTE TRUTH is why. Not possible. Their relevant little truths is of no concern to me if NOT within the one and only Universal Absolute that can NEVER change or not be ONE.

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