The first of the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset concerts this evening saw Daniel Bedingfield on the stage and we went along for old times sake. It’s actually almost nine years to the day since I took Mrs 6000 to see him in Portsmouth, of all places. Nine years is a long time, but like his music or not, his surprisingly still raw talent is still there for all to see.


Bedingfield fitted perfectly into the Kirstenbosch vibe, mingling with the crowd before, during and after a show heavily influenced by reggae jams with local session musicians. Honest Questions was sung acappella from the middle of the appreciative audience and we got two different versions of Gotta Get Through This, just in case anyone didn’t like his live remix.
He even borrowed These Words from his sister and mixed it with a touch of Beyonce. Sounds odd, but it actually worked rather nicely.
Yet again, another overseas act who genuinely appeared to enjoy performing here and genuinely enjoyed being here in SA, he mocked the crowd for their lack of enthusiasm and energy:

They told me that South Africans sit down if they like what you’re playing. You guys must really love me.

Things did liven up a bit after that though and it was a really enjoyable kick off to the new concert season. Even the kids had a great time.
Here’s who else you can see this year.

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