The Dangers of Raw Fennel & Almond Salad

Tune into James Lech’s blog today and there is a recipe for a Raw Fennel & Almond Salad. James, lest we forget, is not only “Africa’s #1 Dog Whisperer”, with powers that don’t include stopping his dogs from attacking young children, he also follows a vegan diet (as do his dogs).

While there’s plenty of evidence out there suggesting that James may be a fraud when it comes to his claims of canine control, I fail to see how following his recipe for a Raw Fennel & Almond Salad could possibly harm you (as long as you thoroughly wash all the ingredients first). I’d therefore like to suggest to James that he gives up on the dog stuff and instead concentrates on delivering us instructions for making tasty meat-free dishes. That way, no-one gets hurt.
Least of all a two year old girl playing on what should have been a dog free beach.

James Lech has been fined R1,500 for taking his dogs onto the beach that day, and a charge has been laid against him by the parents of the little girl involved. But James was still out and about on Saturday on that “Pack Walk” we mentioned in that last post. Let’s just be thankful that apparently this time there were no toddlers around to “witness the POWER of the PACK”.

James has promised us a public statement about the Clifton incident:

A public statement and interviews shall be available regarding the facts and comments concerning the incident. Currently documentation is being compiled with our advisors and should be ready within the week.

Hmm. How many lawyers does it take to spell “I’m sorry”?

We’ll share James’ public statement “and interviews” (?!?) when it’s released. And I can’t wait to hear his version of “the facts” on this attack. After all – the last time one of his dogs attacked a young girl, it seemed that his version of “the facts” didn’t quite match the CCTV version of “the facts”.

I saw the child running, coming around the right of my table, jumping over the dog while he was lying down and resting and accidentally stepping on it at the same time.

When told that the video footage showed otherwise, Lech responded:

I saw it with periphery vision because my head is tilted, correct.

This strange periphery vision may also account for James missing the “No Dogs” sign on Clifton Beach and also his not putting a disclaimer on his site stating that he is NOT endorsed by the “World’s Number One Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan, despite clearly being instructed to do so.

The good news is that fennel is reputed by many (including Chief Prawn Lance Armstrong) to contain many nutrients that may promote healthy eyes and good vision.

So like I suggested above, James: Fewer dogs, more salads.
Please. For the safety of all our children.

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Raw Fennel & Almond Salad

  1. You would think after the last incident that this self proclaimed dog “shaman” would realise small children make his rottie a bit antsy but nooooo, he just merrily skips on. Absolute pillock.

  2. T > Just to ensure factual veracity (my new favourite term), there is no evidence that James Lech did any skipping. Only walking, which (presumably anyway) he had paid an unqualified physician to inform him he could successfully do.

  3. In South African law is the concept of dolus eventualis or indirect intent. Boils down to this: when you kill or injure another person through an act that is grossly negligent it amounts to being purposeful. Jacob Humphries was found guilty of murder on this basis – the taxi driver who drove onto Buttskop level crossing, resulting in the deaths of ten children. James Lech is quite clearly guilty of attempted murder. He is very familiar with dogs, and knows that the rottweiler breed can inflict fatal injuries on children. The particular animal had previously attacked a child. He walked onto Clifton beach with the dog, knowing full well that there would be children present on the beach. He would also have known that the children and, more importantly, their parents, would not anticipate the present of a large dangerous dog, as dogs are banned from Clifton. The parents would not therefore be keeping a lookout or be prepared mentally for the threat posed by large dogs. A rottweiler can quite easily kill a two-year-old human child and it is probably only the youth of the dog that saved the girl’s life. Mr Lech was entirely culpable for what happened and is also culpable for what could have happened. At the very least he should be tried with aggravated assault. While a lengthy imprisonment is not necessary in this case, serving six months in jail, with a suspended five year sentence, would be sufficient to ensure Mr Lech will never do something of this sort again, and that others who learn of the case will also be tempted to think twice about taking dangerous dogs into public places, particularly places where they are banned, and leaving such animals unrestrained.

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