Dan and Dan on the Daily Mail

We’ve had more than a couple of run-ins with the useless tabloid rag which is Britain’s Daily Mail here on 6000 miles…
There was that Peter Hitchens racist nonsense, their laughably inaccurate reporting on the Fishhoek shark attack and then, more recently, the whole Jacob “Vile Buffoon” Zuma thing during JZ’s state visit to Britain.

It is, without a doubt, the most disgusting piece of racist, middle-England, scaremongering purveyor of  bullshit that I have ever had the displeasure to read.
And, as Britain goes down the drain, it’s steadily getting worse.
So I was hugely amused to see that Dan & Dan have done a little ditty entitled The Daily Mail Song.

The “cancer from your…” verse is just perfect.

Now, I think I’m going to go and wash my computer.
And, to be honest, so should you.

UPDATE: Right click/Save as to download the mp3 here.

6 thoughts on “Dan and Dan on the Daily Mail

  1. Delboy > The big difference between the two is that the NotW has no pretences. It’s a gossip tabloid and is aimed at the less educated, working classes. It provides what they are looking for. Might not be mine or your cup of tea, but generally no shame in that.
    The DM likes to think it’s highbrow. And it directs its (allegedly) better educated readers on how to think on several very specific issues. Again, it panders to its market, but what it gives them is poisonous, dangerous – almost militant.

  2. @6000 – Spot on mate, it truly is dangerous. What is scary to me is that, no matter how much I abuse her for it, my mother-in-law reads it. Hope my wife doesn’t turn in to a Nazi!

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