Damn! Missed!

As did virtually everyone else. That’s what happens when Dan Plato gets a touch of Premature Eradication and implodes the cooling towers 4 minutes early.

Fortunately, there are a great many videos and pictures of the event around, like these from Times Live and Life Quest, for example.

Everyone at my “secret” location (Public Parking at Groote Schuur Hospital – population about 40) was taken by surprise and hugely disappointed. Alex was also very sad and so later in the afternoon, I took him to Ground Zero and we looked at where the towers once were. This in itself proved to be a tourist mecca and we had to fight through the traffic and the crowds to get a look.

And it struck me that Cape Town now has some iconic chimneys which are quite spectacular in their own right having been rather well hidden before.

More photos from a bit of a disappointing day are on flickr.

UPDATE: Best video I’ve seen of the big event:

Goodbye! :/

4 thoughts on “Damn! Missed!

  1. The problem with this is that the City needs to get things going on this site as soon as possible while the public are still caught up with there fascination of the towers that were once here.

    Instead for the next 3 years they will be paralyzed by the red tape they created themselves. I’m all for planning but the DA overdo it.

    At least the ANC would just get going and plonk low cost houses asap 🙂

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