DA landslide ‘destroys Zuma, ANC’

Democratic Alliance take shock landslide victory in South African elections, suggests exit poll.

According to the results of an exit poll conducted during the National and Provincial elections yesterday and published after the ballots had closed in the late evening, the DA is heading for a unprecedented landslide victory over the much-fancied ANC and seems likely to take as much as 94% of the vote.

The exit poll was taken outside the Polling Station at St. Laadedah Primary School in Cape Town’s upmarket Constantia suburb by independent survey company Census Reviews and Polls (CRaP) and showed that of sixteen voters leaving the station who expressed an opinion, fifteen (93.75%) had voted for the DA.

DA spokesperson Jannie van Wyk was excited by the results:

I recognise that this is just one exit poll, but if we extrapolate the results from this significant survey, we can see that it is obvious that our policies and campaign strategies have borne fruit. A 94% share of the vote is significantly up from our showing at the last election, which was 12%, and I think we can put that down to our hard work in offering the voting public a viable alternative the Jacob Zuma and the ANC.
With this landslide victory, we can work on putting those policies into action as we will presumably control nine of the nine provinces which were contested as well as the national government. In fact, with sure a significant majority in these South African elections, I see this as an opportunity for the DA to move into the rest of Africa and envisage Helen Zille as being Supreme Commander of the World by 2015. It’ll take a bit of tinkering with the Constitution, but that won’t be a problem with this sort of majority.

In fact, according to the exit poll, Jacob Zuma’s ANC have been wiped off the South African political map completely, having gained exactly 0% of the vote in Constantia Ward 76, while newcomers the Congress of the People (Cope) managed just 6%.

Cope heavyweight Mbhazima “Sam” Shilowa was disappointed by the poll:

I have to say that we were hoping to make double figures in this election. The party is just four months old, but I though we had gained more popular support than this on our anti-corruption ticket.
However, looking at the overall result, I think it will finally lay to rest the rumour that we were going to enter into a coalition with the ANC after the election. They clearly have less to bring to the table than we thought they would. Well, absolutely nothing actually. Not a sausage. Shame.

Other large parties who, according to the CRaP poll, failed to get a single vote nationally included the Independent Democrats (ID), Vryheids Front Plus (VF+) and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP).
The Afrikaner VF+ were however, quick to disregard the results the Constantia poll though, saying that they preferred to base their predictions for the final outcome on an exit poll from Durbanville in Cape Town’s Northern suburbs, in which they had polled 100% of the votes cast, based on a sample size of 3.

26 thoughts on “DA landslide ‘destroys Zuma, ANC’

  1. I think you mean Bellville, rather than Durbanville. I lived in the latter for a good 16 years – and can assure your that there’s plenty of Constantia-lite action there.

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  2. Jacques > Was going on the word of my friend that lives out there. She was saying that she was frowned at for speaking English while she was waiting to vote!!

    SA Boy > Troubled times? You ain’t seen nothing yet! (c) Helen Zille 😉

  3. Maybe your friend just speaks funny English… yes, nice linkage from the Guardian, although it may have compromised my political aspirations!

    Jacques´s last blog post was: Blasphemy debate (update) (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. Jacques > Yeah – I hear the ACDP read some of your other stuff on there and aren’t interested anymore.
    Sorry for you. The price of fame, I guess.

  5. CuppaCoffee > Indeed. With 49.91%. Not quite the 50% they want right now… [doesn’t mention negative campaign thing potentially costing votes].

    Trailing slightly in Limpopo though – just 3.08%. Might have to give that one up as gone, I think.

  6. 6000, you’re playing with straw man arguments. First you were boasting that the DA was going to lose the WC (partly because of their Stop Zuma campaign, which, by the way, has seemingly made little difference either way).

    Now you’re focusing on the 50% card, because you see the DA winning the WC. You’re doing that because you don’t want to lose any of your arguments. So you’re spinning your stance.

    What will your next straw man chirp be, if the DA gets 50% in the WC?

  7. CuppaCoffee > Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was enjoying a… er… cuppa coffee. Or 6. Mugg & Bean bottomless… mmmm.


    No – I have no problem with the DA winning in the Western Cape, (which was always going to happen) but despite their insistance that they would set up a coalition whether or not they secured 50% of the vote, I think that, deep down, we know that they would like to hit that magic mark, just as they hope that ANC don’t hit the magic 67% mark.

    Considering that the results of the Western Cape and the National elections were a foregone conclusion before anyone stuck an X in a box, there’s still quite a lot to get excited about, isn’t there?

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  9. Reflex > Serious? I think I love you. (Pending confirmation that this is true and that you’re not just toying with my emotions)

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    Of course the Fifa website could also suck whatever and it doesn’t mean anything, but then that would just be oh so cruel.

  12. Reflex > I thought that looks like what could have happened (6/7 ?’s and X’s).

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    Now slightly more tense than before.

    ‘Thanks’. 😉

  13. Now you have me tense too, seeing as I gave you directions to check the site and I am doubting myself now.

    Should’ve just kept quiet.

  14. DA with landslide win – hell, I’m going to cancel my British National Party membership and get on the next plane home!

  15. Check your bank account – I found a FIFA withdrawal today for the 2 matches (8 tickets) I was successful for.

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