Cows can wait

I was going to tell you all about the cows that invaded “my” suburb of Sheffield over the weekend.
And I also had a paint-by-numbers politics post in mind.

But then tonsillitis hit our younger one and everything went south.
And geographically-minded readers will be well aware that there isn’t much south of here. Serious stuff, then.
Thus, let’s look for a quota photo.


Here’s the back of Table Mountain after this weekend’s (much needed) rain: the multiple cascades which end up running through Newlands Forest, into the Liesbeek River, into the Black River and then into Table Bay – as if it isn’t full enough already.

I need to get a (strictly medicinal) brandy now and head off to bed early. Experience dictates that it’s unlikely to be an undisturbed night. As for you – well, you already have a clue about what’s likely to be on here tomorrow. Take it or leave it.

Good night.

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