Cow signs

Yep. A Mastodon thread of “Beware of Cattle” signs from around Europe, rated for… I dunno… “artistic impression” (and a bit more?)?

Sure, why not?

Useful for your Geoguessr experience, as well.

It’s interesting that there are so many different variations on what is a very simple message. In many ways, it’s like the Stockholm Metro and New Mexico Rail Runner post I did last week. I mean, we all see any of these and we know what we are being warned about, so they do their job, just like the air vents and the door closing noises, but there are stylised images, detailed images, horns, no horns, udders, no udders, even some cows that actually look quite unwell.

…and then there’s Poland’s effort.

You’ll have to click through on the link above to look at that one: I’d hate to spoil the surprise. But I was instantly thinking 1960s Hanna-Barbera background art. And yes, that might sound terribly niche, but as soon as you see it, you’ll know…