Cover of a remix of a tune

Mrs 6000 has been looking forward to seeing ISO (you may remember them from posts such as Destiny) at the Waterfront ever since she heard that they were going to be playing there this evening. Then I smashed my ankle into more pieces than should rightfully be in there and it suddenly seemed a bit of an ask to get there.

But I was adamant that she must go anyway and she got some unsurprising buy-in from the kids. I was good, stayed at home and RICEd, but since I’d planned to share this video tonight anyway, here it is:

Are you actually allowed to do a cover of a remix? Are you allowed to do dubstep on electric guitars?
ISO says yes, and I love it.

And the concert was apparently also great, with Richard from the band working on their future fan base after the gig:

Scoop got their autographs and there’s even video of her rocking along to the track above, headbanging and all.
Scoop is 4. Dad is so very proud.

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