Cool Flight

It was an emotional time for family 6000 yesterday afternoon, as we said goodbye to Grandma and Granddad, who were (well, are, actually) flying back to the UK via Dubai. Checking on their check in though, I spotted this:


Yes, at 2330 yesterday evening, you could get a flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam or… Antarctica.
Who knew?

Better make sure you get on the right plane to avoid confusion though:

Hey. Shomething ish not right. Why ish dare sho much shnow at Schipol?
Where are the buildingsh? And where did doze penguinsh come from?

The whole destination thing is a bit vague, and since the total area of Antarctica is 14,000,000km², you might find yourself some distance from the bit of Antarctica you actually want to be in, but on the plus side, at least you’re virtually guaranteed a daylight landing.

6 thoughts on “Cool Flight

  1. Awesome.

    A friend of mine is currently on SAS Agulhas on their way to Antarctica to drop off Sir Ranulph Fiennes for his expedition. It’s the second Polar trip she’s making as a Marine Biology post-grad student – somehow it makes me wish I’d studied something a little more exciting than Computer Science. :/

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