Constant whining sound from crashed plane

Some people just shouldn’t open their mouths. One doesn’t have to look any further than the excellent (and blogrolled) spEak You’re bRanes to learn that. That site alone shows the dangers inherent in allowing people a soapbox and an audience.

And now there’s example number two: Mark Tamburro.

Mark is from Oxford.
Immediately, that puts him into one of three categories: 

  1. Stuck-up, pompous arse.
  2. Ill-educated druggie.
  3. Cool, good-looking bloke who just works there and will be moving to South Africa soon.

Mark was on the BA038 flight whose engines apparently failed on final approach to Heathrow last week. 
Immediately, that puts him in one further category:

  1. Bloody lucky to be alive.

Great bit of parking

But now Mark is on the BBC website (and many others) moaning about how crap the staff at the airport were, landing himself (if not his plane) quite neatly into the pompous arse group and  reminding us of his disappointing inclusion in the bloody lucky to be alive category.

Mr Tamburro said he and his two travelling companions had to leave their hand luggage in their overhead lockers on the aeroplane and so had no money or personal belongings on them

He said the BA staff who were looking after the passengers rationed water, the only drink which was initially offered to them in the departure area, and did not offer any food.

His story doesn’t quite tally with this post from one of BA’s ground staff at Heathrow though, which makes very interesting reading. And it’s also interesting to note that he seems to be the only one of the 136 passengers that’s whining about their treatment.

A quick google of Mark shows us that he is a little overweight, owns a bit of a racehorse called Cossack Dancer and has a beard. It also tells us that he writes letters to the council  moaning about them setting taxi fares so high in South Oxfordshire. Except that, as any fule kno, the council doesn’t actually set the taxi fares in South Oxfordshire. Oops.

Is this painting a picture for you, too?
People like Mark annoy me. He’s just been fortunate enough to survive a plane crash in which even the pilot thought “everyone on board was going to die” and all he can do is whinge.
I think that Mark might just be setting himself up for a little bit of extra cash from his compensation claim.

Incidentally, since Mark works for Nokia, he may be the perfect person to explain to investigators, BA and Boeing as to why the plane’s computer system didn’t respond, as he’s obviously an expert on crap, bug-ridden software. 

Update: Tues 22nd Jan.

Just read a ~2000 word piece on the BA038 incident in today’s Cape Times, which they shamelessly stole borrowed from The Independent in the UK. 16 passengers interviewed (not including dear Mark) and not one complaint. And that despite being thrust with a microphone. The evidence just keeps adding up…  

Update: Thurs 24th Jan.

Ooh look! It’s back (by popular demand).
Please THINK before you comment. I’m in a particularly “deletey” mood today.

35 thoughts on “Constant whining sound from crashed plane

  1. There’s always one isn’t there?
    It seems that this guy is one more often than most others though.

  2. One would hope he did not switch his nokia mobile on as the plane descended over the sh*thole that is hounslow and summarily f**k the Komputer, thus rendering the engines useless….
    Wouldn’t that be a delicious irony.

  3. Love the Nokia comment. Yes. Their software sucks. Talk about losing your market share. Crap company – probably all because of employing crap people.


  4. Koosh – Their model employee.

    Graham – He’s got previous, guv.

    Fofi – Harsh. But fair.

    Barnsley – I don’t actually blame him for the accident. Although if anyone from the CAA is reading, do check BB’s hunch out, please.

    Dani – A massive 0.73%, no less.

    Grassles – Hate Nokia software.

  5. Great that you guys can slag off someone without knowing the facts. I guess it makes you feel good. If you had read the articles you would have seen that I praised the crew etc and thankful to them for being here. We are indeed luckly to be alive. But before you jump on the slagging bandwagon put yourself in the position of someone who had just survived a plane crash. What basic needs do you smart guys think you would need? The support for us as passengers was diabolical and god forbid if anyone as to go through this again then I would hope it is a whole lot better. I was one of numerous people that raised this with BA & BAA but was the only one you saw in the press. I have declined lots of press interviews because I didn’t want the fantastic work of the crew, the medics, and the police overshadowed by this. Again, if you really had done the research you would have read that basic things were not in place and this has been recognised and accepted by Willie Walsh at BA that their support was bad and they are now looking at their procedures to make them better. You may see a press release from BA on this shortly. Superb that you can all hide behind your email and shoot. What about meeting face to face and talking about it and lets see how you feel then? Finally, if you had done your research you would know I am a working class Brummie and proud of it! Great comments by you all…

  6. an excellent post. evidence that there is truth in the adage ‘there’s always one’, this tamburro excuse deserves a sound tarring and feathering. long may your derogatory post on him appear high on google!

  7. Hi there, fellow South African!

    I also did a post about the electricity crisis on Friday, and just wanted to say I love your blog, thanks for posting!


  8. Mark – Firstly, thanks for your comment. Secondly – I’m sorry; your belated request for me to abstain from boarding the “slagging bandwagon” is exactly that – belated. I’m on and I find myself unable to alight.

    Why is it that I only see your name against the comments about the ground crew’s support. Is it really true that while everyone else felt the same way, they chose not to air their views? If so, maybe that still says something about you.
    A dignified response would surely have been to engage the airline privately.
    I guess you could argue the same for this post on my website, but then I am actively seeking readers and widespread internet fame as part of my mission to become all-powerful world leader. What’s your excuse?

    Willie Walsh’s comments were simply a standard corporate response – you’re a corporate bloke, you must surely recognise corporate BS when you smell it?

    As for a face-to-face meeting, no problems. But would you really dare get on a plane and come down to sunny SA?

    It should be noted that this is just one of many sites airing their views on your handling of this issue. That you represent just 0.73% of the fortunate passengers onboard BA038, yet are the only one we’ve heard anything negative from? Well, frankly that speaks volumes.

    P.S. “working class Brummie” does you no favours either! 😉

    globus – Many thanks for your comment. (globus’ comment was made before the Tamburro comment appeared on this page).

  9. 6000, if your going to run a site like this then at least listen and report accuratly. I am not the only guy that raised the issues. There were numerous passengers including many chinese people that were upset. I was just the unfortunate one who had a reporter thrust a mike in my face and asked to comment. On reflection, when you have just survived a plane crash, with your emotions running high, is was probably best not to comment and I have since engaged the airline privately. So, please get off this 0.73% rubbish – from what I saw and heard most of the passengers were affected by the (lack of) support after the incident. Its just that you are not seeing/hearing it. One example of what I was referring too is that their was no counselling available. We were given a leaflet with a tel no to ring ‘when we got home’ there were many people who were upset, cyring and shaking with shock. To have no form of counselling available to these people was unacceptable in my view. But perhaps I am a whinger (-; What do you think? Do you also think it was also acceptable to have no form of communication available to talk to family and loved ones to let them know you were safe? Do you also think it acceptable to have no food or drink made available for 6 hours after the crash? Do you also think it acceptable that many people had no personal belongings (including money)and were expected to make their own way home? I could go on but I figure I would be labelled a whinger. Just put yourself in the position of someone who had just survived a plane crash. What basic needs do you think you would have. Perhaps though, I am just a whinger. BTW I am proud of being a Brummie and to have a go at someone based on where they come from represents the lowest from of life. Indeed, your site is a good reminder why I would never subscribe to such drivel !

  10. Leia-Ann – Hi! Many thanks for your comment.

    Mark – Welcome back. I’m not sure what you mean by “a site like this”? I don’t run “a site like this”. I run this site.
    Look, I take all your comments onboard my bandwagon, and I’m well aware that the media – be it printed, pixelated or in any form can be pretty rubbish, but I still don’t think I’m being unreasonable here.

    Your engaging the airline privately is very much a case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted. Another search trawling through the vastness of the interwebs has given me quotes galore from fortunate BA038 passengers, but has once again drawn a blank as to other passengers complaining about the (lack of) support after this accident.

    How would I react if a microphone was thrust in my face in this situation? I don’t know, but it seems that many others who experienced exactly the same events and support as you, reacted entirely differently and in a more measured fashion.
    So do I think you’re a whinger? Yes, I do.

    I’m very sorry that you’re not planning on subscribing to my drivel. Incidentally, if anyone reading DOES want to subscribe to my drivel, is the place to go.

    No Brummies allowed.

  11. Frankly, as they say, I don’t give a damn what you think. If my comments ensure that anyone going though this in the future has a better experience than we did then fanstastic because that’s indeed what was intended.



  12. Mark – I sense anger. I’m gifted with acute perception.
    Your blustering and shouting smacks of one who is about to leave for good. Please don’t go!
    I want to get your opinions on the recent taxi fare increases in Wallingford and find out how someone with a conscience can work for Nokia.
    We could learn so much from yow!

  13. 6k, kindly blog about Posh Spice’s singing career on ‘your site like this’ next. those comebacks comments would be fun.

    p.s. birmingham is a sh*thole.

  14. 6000, I was also a passenger on the flight. Mark is 100% correct with his statement and I have relayed similar comments to Rob Hull at BA who is Head of Customer Services. He told me that he had similar feedback from a number of passengers and told me BA’s lack of support following the incident was ‘totally unacceptable’. Suggest you talk with him before posting such crap.

  15. You lot are a bunch of sad people who have too much time on your hand spending time on this sh*tty site slagging decent, respectable people off mark is lucky to be alive and so was everyone else on that plane how would you like it if your dad, husband, brother, uncle or friend was on that plane and then died you wouldnt be slagging them off so shut your mouths the lot of you, your pathetic

  16. Guys, I think Mark may have a point.
    BA and BAA should have had 150 numpty counselors and nice cups of tea on standby for this everyday event. Not having visited heathrow since 2000 I can only assume that intercontinental airliners bellyflop into the runway on a daily basis.

  17. Koosh – What’s so funny? Am I missing something, dearie?

    globus – I’m not allowed to. It might upset Liam. He’s been a huge Spice Girls fan since Boyzone went tits up.

    Sparky – Thanks for your comment. If you really were a passenger on BA038, then it’s twice in a week that you’ve been really bloody lucky – once at Heathrow and once in finding the delectable 6000 miles…
    But if you think I’m posting crap, then you’ve missed the entire point of what I’m saying. Maybe BA’s support wasn’t all that, I don’t know, I wasn’t there – I’ve read (and linked to) two sides of the story.
    My point is that Mr Tamburro was the only one who publicly slagged off the situation after the incident. Sod the fact that a microphone was thrust up him (or whatever). I think he’s a whinger. And, since he has admitted exactly that about 8 comments up from here, “suggest you talk with him before posting such crap”.

    Liam – Firstly, wash your mouth out, young man. My mum reads this site. She doesn’t want to be reading your filth. Secondly, Liam: no-one died. Thirdly, I’m on my summer holidays and that’s why I have lots of time on my hands. Sometimes the draw of the pool and a nice cold beer just isn’t enough to occupy my busy mind and thus I wander into my study and impart my knowledge and thoughts to people like you. Finally, good luck with your English exams. You’ll need it.

    Bill – That sort of forward planning is hardly very British, now is it? And the bill for all the sugar needed for that hot sweet tea is hardly going to be covered by 136 passengers on a Boeing 777, which can carry 368.

  18. LOVE your website. Can’t wait to read more. And while Mark declined to subscribe to your site, he does seem to be a frequent lurker.


  19. Splund – Firstly, sad news about The Splundblog, and I await your new persona and web presence with baited breath.

    Splund II – I know, this place is great. 😉 Glad you’ll still be around here.

    globus – I am 100% SEO’d.

  20. No, Mike.
    It is however, an anagram for “blacklist Mike”.

    In the words of Nelson – “You need to bang yourself against a wall until you’re a bit less rubbish.”

  21. Fun and games! Where have I been?!

    I wish I could write a scathing article and then have said person come back to read it.

    Well done, 6k!

  22. SheBee – I don’t know how you could stay away so long. It’s always such fun here.

    Koosh – I do. But they hide it well.

  23. Oh for god’s sakes. IP addresses still escape people these days, and its hysterical to catch people out.

    Also, I would like to point out (to no one in particular) that there is a fundamental difference between the words ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, but I’m sure you knew that already…

  24. PS: 6k – I rely on the rss feed to bring me back, no new post so no new visit, you see. Am glad you let me know what was going down 😉

  25. globus needs to comment again to help our bid for the guinness book of records ‘most commented’ blog entry. let’s piss off someone in idaho now. they’re all related to each other’s cousins and called ned. globus can sense the comments a-coming 🙂

    sad about the demise of the splund and possibly interlinked to this thread in part. 6k this is clearly where it’s at. keep baring your neck to the axe of current affairs. fuck em all!

    p.s. shebee is cute.

  26. Nice work 6k. Your ability to offend has me green with envy. Perhaps I should start my own blog.

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