This is not a weather post. Yes, everyone is aware that it’s been chilly in SA lately, but that doesn’t mean that we have to go on about it like a Gautenger in a thunderstorm.

No, this is a post about Linden Gledhill’s DIY snowflake machine and the video he made to Ryan Teague’s track “Cascades”.
And here it is:

Described on YouTube thus:

The movements of a music box ballerina are reinterpreted in a groundbreaking video for British composer Ryan Teague using electromegnetic fields, sub zero temperatures and 2000 volts of electricity.

I saw it here and despite Gledhill being a biochemist (and therefore probably a bit dull), I’m impressed with his homemade snowflake manufacturing process and the somewhat hypnotic video, which:

 took months of planning, four days of shooting and roughly two terabytes of photos to animate the growth of hard-to-create ice crystals.

The dancing, contorting trees you see at the beginning of the video are ice structures — most no more than a fraction of a millimetre across — which were grown on the tip of an electrically charged, motorized needle.

Gledhill has previously done some other amazing photographic things with insects and paint; that link to a hugely interesting story of how and why he does what he does.

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